Elin's Random Talk - 2 : Am I Ready for Marriage?

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Agustus 23, 2018
I love hearing people's ideas about marriage, some of them think that marriage are "a goal" in life. For me, as I grow older, I don't think that way anymore. But if you still do, that's okay. We all have different goals in life anyway.

Now, I am 22, I am not really sure when is the "right time" for me to be married even if my partner is ready to be married.

If I ask to newly-married couples how is marriage life, they will give me 101 satisfying answers why you should married right away. Starting from you have a sleeping buddy until vacation husband.

But if I ask to long-married couples, they are not recommend me to give up my youth-life (including my parents). Marriage is different from boyfriend-girlfriend-thingy, they said. It's more than a sleeping buddy.

You have a serious commitment to your partner for the rest of your life and many responsibility in every aspects to your both family.

From my point of view right now, to be married means, I have to be ready mentally, physically, financially, if you married to the right one, it's good for you! 

It's not the ending, it's the beginning of my life, as a wife. I believe that marriage is not about age, I could be married when I am 30, 35, 40 or maybe not, I don't know. Better to wait long, than marry a wrong person. It's more about living with the right one till death do us apart, my partner. So, definitely I'll take my time slowly looking for the right one. :)

But now, no, not yet. I already find my happiness within myself, my happiness right now is not depending on anyone, I will live as-free-as-I-could, enjoying my youth-life without any burden, knowing that I couldn't turn back the time as I grow older. I am still young, and probably this is one of the naive thought you heard from me.

"It's okay if we have different opinion, everyone have their timeline of life, it's your choice, I won't judge. I wish you get all happiness in life."
5 komentar on "Elin's Random Talk - 2 : Am I Ready for Marriage?"
  1. Hai elin, aku baru baca tulisan ini. Bener banget sih kata kamu engga semua org jadiin menikah sebagai goals dalam hidupnya. ❤❤❤

  2. Hi, Elin I have thinking about this over and over in my life. And I already take my decision when I was 19. That I will not getting married. Now I'm 28, and my mind is still set like that.

    When I was younger sometimes I'm scared that my commitment would be wrong and makes me looks like a weird. But as time goes by, I realize that I'm happy being single, and I feel full with my life, I'm happy to be surrounded with my family and friends. And that's enough for me. Maybe I will be happier if I could get a children of mine. But thinkin about marriage I don't really get that. Maybe marriage is not suit for me, and risking my life for that maybe not worth it. I'm religious type, and in my religion there's no words called 'divorce'. So once you tied you will be tied forever, no turning back.

    So if you can find your soulmates you're blessed. If you married with a 'monster' you'll ruin.

    Have a good day :D

    1. I hope I can enjoy my life to the fullest like you! :) Have a good day too Jessie :k


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