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Winning MIZZU #2014 Challenge - Mizzu Challenge Indonesia

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Mei 31, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! I'm not doing anything nowadays because I'm in a long holidays. By the way, I'm officially graduated from my senior high school a month ago. Happy? Excited? LOL Of course. So that's why I'm in a looonnnnggg holidays. 

Oh ya, Is there anyone knows that I had joined MIZZU Challenge on April? Yep. If you don't know I will tell you right now, MIZZU Challenge is always held once a year, I don't join their challenge last year but I did in this year.

MIZZU #2014 Challenge is making a Video about their products [Mascara, Eyeliner] just like advertisement then we have to upload to our Instagram account. This is really hard you know since it must be 15 second only. What do I do in 15 second? -_____-

The first winner will get Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It must be great challenge right?

So the result is come out. How is the result? 

Daftar Produk Kecantikan "Nggak Jelas dan Berbahaya" di Indonesia! Check yuk!

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Mei 19, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! Hari ini aku akan kasih tau kalian tentang Brand - Brand produk kecantikan yang sudah beredar di pasaran yang bisa dibilang nggak jelas!

Credit to: IU - Lee Ji Eun. Source Pic: Google

Kok bisa nggak jelas? Karena sampai saat ini nggak ada yang tau siapa produsennya, kandungannya apa dan yang bertanggung jawab siapa.

Yuk Check! Jangan - jangan produk kecantikan yang kamu pakai sekarang berbahaya! Hiiii... Kasian kan kulit kamu, nanti bisa rusak! :(

NARS Lip Gloss - #Bad Education [REVIEW]

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Mei 18, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girl-all-around-round-the-world! I just spending my time for DVD-Marathon. LOL 

So today I wanna review one of my NEW lippie. This one I got from @fuelleshop. NARS Lip Gloss in Bad Education Colour. Curious about my new lippie? Just read my full review!

@fuelleshop on Instagram!

I'm - Guest Blogger on by Luxola

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Mei 07, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! How is your day? Mm. I'm pretty good too. By-the-way, I have one announcement to make today! I know it's too late. 

So, What's the unimportant announcement? 

 "I'm the First Indonesian Beauty Blogger who became Guest Blogger on"

It's a website by Luxola. It contains about all about beauty tips & tricks. So what's my responsibility? I make an article in Indonesia Language and of course it's all about beauty. 

I've got some gifts from Luxola. Check out what's the gifts!

Radiance Concealer Duo by The Face Shop [REVIEW]

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Mei 06, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! I have been waiting for my announcement, my exam score. It didn't come, yet. Not yet. :( I'm getting nervous everyday oh everyday. 

Well, I spend my time on this blog and today I wanna review my new baby concealer. Has anyone read my previous post about concealer? Remember Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo from The Face Shop that I've review last year?

So here is the different types in the same brand. This is Radiance Concealer Duo from The Face Shop. What's the different from Radiance Concealer and Phytogenic Infinite Concealer? We will talk about this today!

Radiance Concealer VS Phytogenic Concealer

Taiwan Haul x 2014 x

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Mei 06, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! So today I wanna share what I bought in Taiwan as my haul. 

Check what's my haul on this month!

UPDATE: Rahasia Kulit Mulus Thailand: Snail White by NAMU [REVIEW]

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Mei 01, 2014
Hey pretty-girls-around-the-world! Have you heard about Snail White Skincare? Ya! Skincare dengan kandungan Snail memang lagi booming banget. Karena kandungannya dipercaya dapat meregenerasi kulit kita secara cepat. Banyak Snail White Skincare dari berbagai macam brand. Aku memilih Snail White by Namu Cosmetics Thailand

Source Pic: Google

Sebenarnya aku udah lama sih pakai Snail White ini, tapi baru aku post sekarang. Lagi booming juga kan sekarang Snail White ini, Indonesia ini telat banget ya? By the way, Aku masih harus mempersiapkan mental untuk share fotonya. Foto dimana wajah aku lagi breakout parah.

Awalnya nih ya, aku nggak tertarik sama sekali dengan Snail White ini. Aku facial ke *** nah, waktu itu mukaku langsung breakout parah. Chemical yang dipakai sama sekali nggak cocok dengan kulit aku. Sedih banget deh waktu itu, wajah yang awalnya mulus, sekali facial langsung jadi seram. Anyway, Kalo milih tempat facial jangan sembarangan, apalagi karena tergiur dengan hasil instant yang diberikan. Sumpah deh, Aku nggak ngerti lagi mau ngapain, harus diapain muka ini supaya balik ke awal?

And then, Aku coba Snail White ini. 

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