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Vita A Calming Serum from Lolabox

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Oktober 31, 2013
모두 안녕! 이것은 오늘 저의 두 번째 게시물입니다! 그래서 그것을 밖으로 체크!

Let's start! I hear that @thelolabox Indonesia making giveaway in a week ago. They are gonna giveaway Vitamin Science series. There will be 4 winners in this giveaway. This is fun and I'm instantly join.
Well, do you ever hear about @thelolabox? Lolabox is an.. hmm.. I can't explain alot about them but they have business about beauty. It's called Beauty-Box. In every box, you can get 8-10 new beauty product in different brand. You can subscribe the beauty box in LOLABOX.

Melilea Intensive Nourisher [6]

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Oktober 31, 2013
Hello pretty girls around the world! I just arrived at home. I have school event for 3 days and 2 nights yesterday. So, I couldn't update this blog. Sorry for Sorry. 

This is one of item in Melilea Botanical Skin Care Series. Well, we're gonna review this one guys!

Naeun A-PINK Makeup [TUTORIAL]

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Oktober 19, 2013
Hello pretty girls around the world! ^^ Yesterday I decided to make IU's makeup tutorial but my makeup mood today is change as easy as a girl change her clothes x) I decide to make Naeun A-PINK Makeup Tutorial as you seen on the picture below. 

Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo by The Face Shop [REVIEW]

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Oktober 18, 2013
Hello! すべておやすみなさい!ニュースは何ですか?良い?私も!私は再び学校で試験を受ける。だから、私はこのブログに書くために多くの時間を持っていない。私はあなたが私を許し願っ ): So, let's start review! 

Note: If you didn't understand my language, you can use translator button on the right side of this post.

elinivana♥ 1st Giveaway!

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Oktober 13, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-all-around-the-world! Today I will do my 1st Giveaway. Last night I just opened my pink-box and I found so many mask and mini sample from Etude House and I don't have so much time to use it. I just don't want to waste it, If I keep and wait the time I can use, it's too late. It will be expired in the end, right? Well, It inspired me to make my first giveaway! I will make an awesome giveaway every month.

I hope all of you join my first giveaway. If you are not, maybe there will no 2nd giveaway next month. *puppyeyes* and I will move it to trash in the end.

Melilea pH Balance Toner [3]

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Oktober 11, 2013
Hello pretty! This is really a lateee post! LOL since my internet was offline so here we go! I will continue my review about Melilea Brand, for its Botanical Skincare Series. so let's review! 

Melilea Revitalizing Cream [4]

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Oktober 04, 2013
Hello pretty girls! I just re-purchase my skin care product again because it almost exhausted so I do re-order. I've told you my beauty routine but I never make any review of Melilea Series. Well, Let me make some review for Melilea Botanical Skin Care Series.

Black Dot on Red Nail Art [TUTORIAL]

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Oktober 01, 2013
Hello pretty girls! Today I made nail art by myself. I thought the gradient nail colour was pretty but I made the different-simple-one. 
I just inspired with my review lately. I made review for Code:B Nail Art Pen and Nail Art Red Colour Lovely ME:EX. So, I got an idea! I make a Black Dot on Red Nail Art. 

How to make it?

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