VODANA - Pocket Mini Flat Iron [REVIEW]

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Mei 01, 2017
So on February 2017, I went to Korea as Charis Celeb and had my #BeautifulJourney. I got so many Korean Cosmetics there for free and including this one, VODANA - Pocket Mini Flat Iron. 

I already knew that VODANA is a best-seller in Korea for hair tools. 

This Mini Flat Iron is the new arrival. They are available in 2 colors, Mint Choco & Pink Rose. (You might wanna check the color in here)

This flat iron is easily heat and travelling friendly.

Product : VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron
Importer : BSKOREA
Origin : China
Design : VODANA
Size 17.5cm(height) X 2cm(width) Plate width : 1.7cm
Recommended Age : All (especially late 10's to mid-late 30's)
Release Date : Feb, 2017

You know, this pink rose is really pretty if you are a pink pastel lovers.

This VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron is easily heat within 30 seconds. So, If you are a business woman, or student which you always have no time in the morning for hair-styling, This VODANA - Pocket Mini Flat Iron is your new bestfriend!

There is no number of temperature in their body.

The most important thing is, this is a ceramic coated plate so you don’t need to worry about hair damage. Not anymore!

The size is always matter, right? You don’t neeed to worry about it because it’s only <18cm. You can bring it in your bag anytime!

If you want to use it, just switch on the button and let it heat in the first 30 seconds. 

It can reach your bangs too!

VODANA is my favorite hair styling because it doesn't make my hair dry or damaged my hair. My hair surprisingly become straight and shiny after use it. 


Well, if you want to try, you can buy it from here:

You will get:
5% off
50% shipping-fee
5$ worth gift (charis mirror)
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