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STOP Kerontokan Rambut ala Kaminomoto

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Oktober 22, 2014

Hello all-the-pretty-girls-all-around-the-world! So sorry I'm not really active in this blog just simply because I have a mid-term exam and I hope ya guys understand. Well, Not a long time ago umm, well, maybe a month ago exactly, I got a package from Kaminomoto Company. 

Produk dari Kaminomoto ini bisa mengatasi buat kamu - kamu yang punya masalah dengan rambut like rambut rontok, rambut lama banget panjangnya, akar rambut kurang kuat dan masih banyak lagi.

Just to be honest, The Kaminomoto Package I have received, it comes with ribbon on it, tapi nggak sengaja lepas dan aku nggak bisa pasang lagi. Hahaha

Isinya ada handuk, hair tonic dan shampoo.

Yuk-yuk kepoin gimana dengan satu produk ini kamu bisa dapetin rambut yang indah dan sehat!

Find and Get your 'Dresses' on Victoria's Dress

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Oktober 17, 2014
Hello-all-the-pretty-girls-all-around-the-world! So today I wanna share you The Best and Cheapest Online Store. By-the-way, Are you looking for Trendy Dress? Stylish Dress? or Best Dress for your special ocassion? 

I would recommend you this Dress Collections by Victoria's Dress. They made custom dress with the best quality and of course the price was very cheap. 

They have collections for Prom Dresses, Long Prom Dresses, Short Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses, Formal Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses and etc.

Victoria's Dress is the world's leading apparel destination. They are family owned and have good operated. Their factory have been specialize in producing wedding apparel and special occassion dress over 10 years! Could you imagine how professional they are? Ah ya, They have more than 100 employees and there are professional designers and technicians. 

You don't have worried about the quality and the materials. They import the best materials just for you. Like Satin Fabric from Itali, Japan, Taiwan. Bead and Sequin from Austria, Japan, Taiwan. Swarovski Crystal from Austria, Czech.

Just look at this one, the wedding dress was so simply gorgeus, They always sell and design 'What's on Trend'. No wonder if the dress design was pretty good.

Nah, not only for bridesmaid dresses, They design for bridesmaid's mother too! How cute. Stylish and very fashionable is best to describe Victoria's Dress. Vogue's colour <3

Khasiat Tea Tree Oil Untuk Jerawat - The Body Shop [REVIEW]

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Oktober 08, 2014
Hello-all-the-pretty-girls-all-around-the-world! Well, If you know me so damn well, you will know that I'm actived on my account recently. 

I don't really like online on my just simply because I'm always get the same and boring questions everyday. That's because on that day I answered about Beauty Question once and then ... BOOM! My unanswered questions box was like 21312312xxx.... #lebay and it's all about beauty questions. But I'm always keeping myself not to answer those questions. HAHA! I used to try not answer the same question over and over again.

Guys, seriously, I have a life. 

Biasanya aku lebih suka balas lewat email. So, If you guys wanna 'Beauty Talk' with me *whoot?* Bisa lewat email aja yaa. I will reply as soon as possible. Sekarang aku nggak akan bales all about my blog di LINE ya. Nggak sanggup kalo tiap hari balesin :(


Sekian pengumumannya, well, waktu minggu kemarin gitu, ada yang request ke aku review tentang Tea Tree Oil The Body Shop. Ini bukan pertama kalinya aku cobain Tea Tree Oil dari The Body Shop Indonesia.

Tahun kemarin pernah coba and I find myself doesn't suits Tea Tree Oil because my senstive skin. Jadi aku lebih suka pakai yang bahan Aloe Vera instead of Tea Tree. 

Tapi kalian udah tau kan, akhir - akhir ini jenis kulitku berubah menjadi normal. So, I will give it a try again. Here is my Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop Indonesia!

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