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Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit W34 by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 30, 2013
Hello pretty girls around-the-world! ^^ 
This is another Etude House review. I read every email I get and one of my readers requested me to review a compact powder since Etude House have so much compact powder to sell. I am not actually sure if this is exactly what you're looking for however and hopefully after this review, you'll find out if this compact is for you or not. :)

Lavender Body Mist By Bali Ratih [REVIEW]

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Agustus 30, 2013
"Oh God I'm so tired with my love life, Since I got some problem with my boyfriend, I don't really focus on my school session." -____- #Horrible 

Forget it forget it forget it, Let's start!
Today I will review body mist. My schools friend become reseller of Bali Ratih product, and I really think so. She selling so many product of Bali Ratih such as body scrub, body mist, body lotion and body butter if I could remember well. I just buy Lavender Body Mist because I see so many my school friends buy the lavender ones. It has so many scent if you could know, Milk, Avocado, Lavender, Chammomile and bla bla bla. I can't remember one by one because it's too much. In another case, I want to trying Indonesian product again since that terrible mask. =="

3M Nexcare Acne Cover Skin Care Indonesia [REVIEW]

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Agustus 29, 2013

- Water-based material that acts like a sponge to absorb the oily secretion, fluid or pus.
- Act as a barrier over the acne to reduce hand contact and infection
- Waterproof yet breathable to improve healing

How to use this?

Angelica Cleansing Gel by L'Occitane [REVIEW]

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Agustus 23, 2013

Product Description:

Fresh and delicate, Angelica Cleansing Gel transforms into a light and airy foam when combined with water. Enriched with water and essential oil of organic angelica, it softly removes make-up and impurities, while preserving the skin's hydrolipidic film, for perfectly clean and hydrated skin. Skin feels immediately soft and looks radiant. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

Read more on here.

Good Bye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 23, 2013

Let's me introduce you: Etude House Good bye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence, a product that I had been using for over two months. I know you guys know me so well, I was a bit too lazy to write my review and in the end there is so much product I've to review. Read the list of Comming Soon in the Right-Side of this blog. I bought this when I went to Singapore a long time ago. 

Shall we take a look at how great the primer function is?

Singapore, You rock on!

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Agustus 22, 2013
Wait.. What? What is this? Please don't tell me I have to wait my suitcase for this long queue?? NO!


Hello everyone, I wanna share how is my holiday on July. Yes I know this is a lateeeeeee post. You know that I don't have much time to post anything about me. This will be a lonngggg post. I hope you're read it patiently :D

Okay! So I went to Singapore on July for 4 night and 5 days. I stay on V Lavender Hotel with my little sister and my pretty auntie. When my auntie do check-in, I wait in the lobby lounge and there is a old-man from NZ who can not check in because he forgot where his paspport is. I know because he told me. So sad but true LOL.

Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 21, 2013

So now that I'm obsessed with the whole Gradient Nail manicure I figured I would try out this set from Etude House.  Now honestly one does not need a set to go a gradient manicure. Any two, three or more colors will do.  I bought the gradation series in the Beauty Carnaval 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure that I can do manicure as good as beauty nail art does.

Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 20, 2013

Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist by Etude House. It's really nutrient your hair, make your hair smoothier than before. I love the smells, its sweet. I always spray this mist when my hair is dry, or after I blow dried my hair. My hair feels instantly smooth and comb nicely.

Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 19, 2013
I'm always worried about my skin condition. I've used other brands but I am always worried if I will have a fine line around my face especially at my mouth area.

My skin is dry so nowadays whenever I visit the cosmetic and beauty care shops, I always remind myself to go to the section which offers collagen, moisturizes, restores and improve skin care products for my dry skin.

So, as a start I just got this mask for free from Etude House Event a month ago. It's like everything I review on is totally free.

Crystalish Gloss by T'ESTIMO [REVIEW]

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Agustus 19, 2013
Konnichiwa! ^^ Here are one of Japanese Cosmetic I got. T'ESTIMO Lip Gloss. I got this as birthday gift from someone-who-really-special. So here we go!
T'ESTIMO is under Kanebo Japanese Beauty Brands.

The lip gloss come with transparant-mini box :) 

Moistfull Collagen Series by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 18, 2013
Hello pretty ladies around the world! 
I posted a bit less frequently these days (every 5-10 days) because I have some holiday and homework *deadline* aarggh , so really busy these days. *_*

Today I'm going to review the Etude House Moistfull Cream and Essence! I didn't bought this so I don't know the price is but I think for the special set like this it would be so much cheaper than the full size. I got this stuff as reward of Etude House Event Beauty Model Make Over 2 months ago. 

This is the first essence. The texture is watery and slimy, gel-look-alike. It's easy to blend and it definitely easy gets absorbed, as I can feel it getting less watery on my skin, but it leaves behind a film of stickiness, and that takes a while to get absorbed. I usually need to wait around 10 minutes for this to dry first before applying the moisturizer. It didn't make my skin oily after I used.

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