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BB Cream Aloe Vera by The Skin Food [REVIEW]

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Juni 15, 2013
Hai apa kabar semua? Aku berharap kalian menikmati cuaca yang dingin ini #dingin? Today I'm gonna review the BB Cream Aloe Vera by Skin Food.

Here we go:
This is the packaging look-a-like. Simple and there's Aloe Vera Logo in there. I remember when I bought this BB cream, there is two kind of BB cream from Skin Food. Which is Tomato BB Cream and Aloe Vera BB Cream. I just bought the Aloe Vera ones because I thought Aloe Vera is the most ingredients that fit perfectly to my skin. 

Enriched with skin soothing aloe vera to soothe and moisturize dry and sensitive skin, Aloe Sun BB Cream also protects skin from premature aging and environmental stress with robust SPF 20. Skin appears flawless, luminous and even-toned for an air-brushed appearance. Rich with aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect . 

Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Cooling Roll On [REVIEW]

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Juni 14, 2013
What's this huh? It's the Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll on.
Garnier create a product for healing acne-prone skin. Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Cooling Roll-On has a transparent, easy to use formula which is ultra purifying and non-greasy. With 35 per cent alcohol, the cooling effect of the roll-on helps to immediately relieve imperfections and reduce redness while drying blemishes out.

 This is the packaging looks a like. The roll-on totally looks like a mini flash light right? LOL

TRESemme Deep Repair Shampoo [REVIEW]

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Juni 14, 2013
Hi Girls, Lagi mau review salah satu produk yang lagi booming banget di TV nih, katanya sih rambut bisa jadi indah kayak perawatan salon - salon di USA gituu. Jadi penasaran pingin cobain. >< Aku memiliki jenis rambut yang tipis, susah dibentuk, jadi kalo di curly bagian kiri, kemudian bagian kanan, terus bagian kirinya sering lurus dengan sendirinya -_____- ingin kuhabiskan Barbara Strong Hair Spray satu botol HAHAHA~ terus rambut aku nih lepek, dan teramat sangat lurus *sering sebel kalo dikirain smoothing*. Nah sekarang aku lagi intensif pakai Tresemme Deep Repair Shampoo nih. 


Korean Hair Bun and Nail Art For Holiday XOXO-

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Juni 14, 2013
I've waited for a looooong time, just to enjoy my school holiday. So Gotcha! This is what I do for holiday. Doing a nail treatment, give shocking-pink and red to my nails! <3 

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