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"She is a Talented Actress"

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Januari 05, 2012

Do you know my mother really is?

She is exactly my motivator,
whenever I'm on competition, she always cheer me up.
My mom is talented actress in the world,
she can play so many roles whenever we do drama even though she's so tired.
She is mathematician,
she always helps me to solve difficult math problems.
She is a singer with an awesome voice ever,
my mom can sing many songs and she also sings on many occasions.
She is also scientist,
she know the names of all the animals, flower and of course the part of my body.

And do you know ?
I think ..
She is the best chef in my life,
she cooks sweet dishes that you can't find anywhere else and her cakes are so delicious. *sllrpp*
She is definitely the best doctor,
she always makes me feel more better when I'm sick.
She is a creative tailor,
she can redesign my old clothes into new clothes for my younger sister.
She is also the best of my personal hair stylist !
my friends always admire my hair.

And even though she don't admit it, I think she is a QUEEN, because she always calls me "Princess".
She keeps me warm every single night.
Now you know my mother really is.

She is Talented, Adorable, Sweet and ...
She is my everything and I LOVE HER.

Your Dearest Princess,


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