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Belle Dress Lovely Look Body Lotion By Etude House [REVIEW]

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Mei 23, 2013
Hello pretty ladies! Give me a smile? :)

How's your day? I bet you wished you're safe home, enjoying the warm and comfort bed with your oppa right? Thankfully I brought Belle Dress Lovely Look Body Lotion. I believe that scents make a difference on one's stance. I'm gonna review this body lotion from Etude House. This body lotion didn't came with box. I'm starting use this since 2011.

Calli Faceflower Cleansing Cream [REVIEW]

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Mei 23, 2013
This is the one cleansing cream I've used everyday to cleansing make up from my face. This product came from Jutanhak Indonesia

Oh~ M'Eye Line by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Mei 17, 2013
Thanks God It's Friday! 
Meskipun harus menjalani ujian aku tetap melanjutkan hobby-ku yaitu review beauty product. Produk yang akan aku review adalah eyeliner dari Etude House. Eyeliner dari Etude House ini merupakan daily routine eyelinerku. :)

SHIMMER & SHEA by Bath & Body Works [REVIEW]

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Mei 14, 2013
Shimmer & Shea by Bath & Body Works? This is a shimmering body lotion instead it moisture and protect your skin. From a sheer radiance to a dazzling sparkle, custom select the perfect amount of shimmer every time with this dual-chamber Select-A-Shimmer. With nourishing Shea infused Signature Body Lotion on one side and a fun shimmer gel on the other, go from fresh to flirty in the turn of a dial.

Face It All About Lipstick Moisture RD301 by THE FACE SHOP [REVIEW]

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Mei 11, 2013
Hi pretty ladies, I have one product to be review on. This product came from the common Korean Shop in Indonesia. Guess where ?? 
Yep. The Face Shop ID.
Tadaa daaa !
Welcome "Face It All About Lipstick Moisture"
It's a red lipstick. Totally red. The series number is RD301.

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