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Juli 30, 2015
Hello! Since I have an acne-prone skin and oily skin as well. I had some questions regarding this topic. 

1. Can acne-prone skin wearing makeup?
Actually some people won't recommend you to wear makeup right? But I know how it feels if we have pimple or acne scars. So I recommend you to wear makeup in a light-way. Make sure that the ingredients is suitable for acne-prone skin. You can choose makeup with an aloe vera or green tea extract.

2. Do I need apply my skincare before makeup?
Yep. It's-a-must. It's make your skin smooth and it is moisturizing your skin. Ah ya, Do not forget you have to make sure your finger is clean before apply your skincare and makeup on.

3. How is my daily makeup?

My skincare and daily makeup products are for acne-prone skin types. But it can be used for normal skin to prevent acne show off to your skin. In reverse, normal skin types products can not be used for acne-prone skin types. 

I hope it helps you well. If you do not find the answer you want, you can contact me by email: I will reply within 24 hours. 
6 komentar on "MY DAILY MAKEUP"
  1. Finally i found beauty blogger who have oily skin, thank you ci Elin 😍 inspirational blog 👏 Kissess 😘

  2. beli eyeliner MIZZU biasanya dimana ka?

  3. hye elin. im from malaysia. i get some acne after stop from using local product just because eager to have fair and flawless skin. however, it just last for few months. i start to stop that product since i have heard its contain mercury. my skin start pimple. btw, by reading your blog its inspiring me to fight the acne. im start using jf sulphur soap for a week for now and i can see there are some improvement in my skin and i will try to used it until my skin getting better. just now, im scared with the scar. its not easy to stay patient to get rid this acne problem but i tried my best. and your blog really inspired me :)

  4. apa merk dan code warna pink lip tint yang sis pake sejak SMA yang tidak buat bibir kering dan pecah sis? yang ada di video yang sis sebutin di atas pada saat barang sis datang dr stylekorea.


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