Elin's Random Talk - 4 : 8 Signs If You Are In Toxic Relationship

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Juni 03, 2018
P.S: I have written this on my Instagram Stories before but I post this on my blog so you can read it easily on my #Elin's Random Talk Tag.

How can you tell that your relationship is not good for you anymore? Toxic relationships are the worse thing ever because you get attached to "unhealthy" person. Basically, It's a relationship when you have 10001 reasons to leave but you won't leave anyway.

I am warning you; this kind of relationship is really exhausting and leaving a toxic relationship doesn't mean you are no longer loving him, but you just start loving yourself. Yay for that!

Here are the 8 Signs If You Are In Toxic Relationship:

1. You are not allowed to change.

Yes, even for a better you. They afraid if you realized your self-worth and you might leave them.

2. Everything is about them.

Oh my gosh, you have a feeling too but all they care is their happiness (not always, but mostly it is :)

3. They manipulate you to fulfill their needs.

Your significant other can manipulate you for money, things, sex, etc. Once you give him all they want, you can't never stop.

4. All take and no give.

Clear enough?

5. They didn't respect their parents.

This is my major turn off ever. Congratulations! sooner or later you will be treated that way.

6. Lower your standard.

You will settled for them and accepting things that once was not acceptable. You will see yourself breaking your rules.

7. Jealousy - Over Protective - Blame Game

If you are having trust issues, seriously do not get in a relationship, what's the point of relationship without trust, darling?

8. Privacy? 

What is privacy? oh, you don't have a privacy anymore! They know everything about you in real life but still can't get enough of you so they access your social media, read all the texts, unfollow or blocking people as they like.
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