Elin’s Random Talk - 3 : To The Man That Really Loves Me

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Desember 14, 2017
I know I made your life hard and difficult, 
because loving me is not that easy and probably I already ruined your life.


I am really sorry for that, 
I am mad to myself, 
but I want you to know that I'm really thankful for "who I am became today

--it's because of you, 
I changed. 

Yes, you changed my life for good and taught me everything about life. You changed my life in some ways I didn't even know that I needed to change.

You saved my life.

You made me believe that I can love again
and I did it! 

You made me a better person.

And even I won't always like myself,  I assume that you don't like me either.

You accepted every part of me,
and love every part of myself that I really hate. 

Sometimes I push you away when anxiety and depression hit me, 
but you always there. 

I am happy whenever I am with you,
because you are very careful with your decisions and actions.

I don't know if we were meant to be or not, 

But know that, 
I am forever grateful for you.


Once again,

I am sorry if loving me destroyed you in the process. 
I am sorry I changed your life for the worst but you changed mine for the better.

Thank you for loving 
my mind
and body

--the important thing is, thank you for loving me in that order. 

I'm still hoping it's you and me in the end,
to the man that really loves me, 

*thank you for all the memories that we've been shared together in these past few years, I wish you nothing but the best.
4 komentar on "Elin’s Random Talk - 3 : To The Man That Really Loves Me"
  1. ci mau tanya dong, kalo mau buat web/blog atas nama kita (sendiri) gimana caranya? bukan yang blogspot ataupun wordpress. thx

  2. Mangatsss Ka Eliiin 💟
    Semoga langgeng yaaa
    Couple goals laa 😍


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