Apricot Stick by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Juni 09, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-all-around-the-world! Watcha! I'm back with my lippie review today yayaya. 

This is Apricot Stick by Etude House.

It's like a lip balm with colour, just look like Maybelline Colour Lip Bloom. I got my first Apricot Stick Lip Balm on 8th Grade Junior High School. 

I don't know whats wrong with my lips, but everytime I used lipstick / lip tint, my lips will dry for a week and getting in trouble. That's why I never had a new lipstick since my RD301 Lipstick from The Face Shop is being my last lipstick. 

My lips really can't stand for lipstick, lip tint, creamy lip tint, or else. Why I don't wearing like a lip gloss? Well no, lip gloss is really thick and you know right that I had oily skin. So can you imagine oily skin having glossy lips? -_- #udahkayakpenggorengan

So here is my Apricot Stick from Etude House, I'm always took number #1, since it's really suits me well. This is really travel - friendly. It's really cheap. You can get it from IDR 68,000. Ah, I don't remember it well. #sorry

The cap is really fitted. Well don't worry if the cap going somewhere and ruins out your bag or pouch.

As you can see below, even the colour is really strong, but once you swatch, it's really transparent. If you wanna have the true colour like what's on the lippie, I think you have to use it 4-5 times for best and darker colour. By the way, the long lasting is almost 5 hours if you didn't eat anything. Even the glossy is gone, the colour is still stay. Just look like lip tint.

Well, I really love Apricot Stick. It's moisture enough. The colour is really natural. They provide so many colours in range. Just choose the better one for ya. Compared to my maybelline, I'd rather purchased this 10000000...unlimited times. But if I can't go to Etude House Store, I'm always back to my maybelline. Hahaha

Okay. Thats all. See you baibai! Love a bunch xx
9 komentar on "Apricot Stick by Etude House [REVIEW]"
  1. the color looks very lovely :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. I didn't know Etude has this kind of lip balm :D

    felishmichelle.blogspot.com | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

    1. Its been a long tim since i was in jhs :)

  3. lucu warnanya lin :D nanti pgn coba aah~ hihi
    Thanks reviewnya ^^

  4. tints are drying sometimes you're right, this looks promising though so ill def have to try it out

    xx hersilvershoes


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