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Mei 31, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! I'm not doing anything nowadays because I'm in a long holidays. By the way, I'm officially graduated from my senior high school a month ago. Happy? Excited? LOL Of course. So that's why I'm in a looonnnnggg holidays. 

Oh ya, Is there anyone knows that I had joined MIZZU Challenge on April? Yep. If you don't know I will tell you right now, MIZZU Challenge is always held once a year, I don't join their challenge last year but I did in this year.

MIZZU #2014 Challenge is making a Video about their products [Mascara, Eyeliner] just like advertisement then we have to upload to our Instagram account. This is really hard you know since it must be 15 second only. What do I do in 15 second? -_____-

The first winner will get Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It must be great challenge right?

So the result is come out. How is the result? 

I just being the 3rd Best Video. I'm so happy. I hit my macbook this afternoon and I received the packaged. I don't think it would be from MIZZU. So here is the package looks like.

Well, it comes with super big and long box with golden colour. It really looks elegant. For the first time, I pay more attention to the flower, I just like "Waa, This packaged is not for me. Ah wait, or it just from the same boy who sent me a birthday cake? This is not my birthday owkay. And if it's true, I will hit that boy *wow* because I really hates if there's a boy sent me a packages with special purpose."

But there was my name on the package so I'm really curious who sent this package, When I opened it up, Oh ya. That's from MIZZU!

So beautiful, that's a real flower and there is a card from MIZZU inside the box and a white envelope.

Here is the card. 
"Congratulations.. Your video has been choosed as the 3rd Best Video. Thanks for joining."


Well, I don't really notice there is an eyeliner inside the box. In the end, I got MAP Gift Voucher, Flower and MIZZU New Products. I will review it soon!

Thank you MIZZU!
You can read my previous review about MIZZU product: 
Mizzu Eyeliner Pen
7 komentar on "Winning MIZZU #2014 Challenge - Mizzu Challenge Indonesia"
  1. Congratssss! Great video. You deserve it! The prize is amazing ^^


  2. kirain dpt boneka rilakkuma nya jg lin XD
    congrats dear ^^

    1. Mauku juga begitu ce d: hahaha makasih ya cece cantik :p

  3. Congratz cantik ^_^
    Banyak banget MAP Vouchernya :D

    1. Aaaa *blushing* makasih ce d: iya banyak bgt lumayan buat shopping d:


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