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Mei 06, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! So today I wanna share what I bought in Taiwan as my haul. 

Check what's my haul on this month!
So, the first is always Taiwan Image key-chain. I bought it in the Duty-Free Airport, Taiwan Image Store. It's really a big store. In that store, you can find such as Taiwan Tee-Shirt which is have a Taiwan Island pictures on it or Taiwan Text or else. I got 6 key-chains only. This is for my friends. I hope you like it, guys!

Then, You know me so well right? I love all about yellow and specially 'Duck'. I love duck! duck! duck! It's pretty cute in yellow. I found the slipper, It's about $390 but it totally worth it. Oh by-the-way, Don't think that $1 is about IDR 10,000. $1 in Taiwan is about IDR 400. Very cheap right?

I found the mechanic pencil and key-chain too! This is for my personal use, not for my friends or someone else. Because all of them is my favourite!

Nah, If you have sight-seeing in market, store or duty-free, you can easily find this key-chain with month and date text on it. I have two best-best-best-friends, we have boyfriends too! So, I bought it for my besties and their boyfie. Which one is mine? 19, 4 :) 

You can bought it, as your anniversary date, birthday date or your special date. 

Ah, the next are bags, This is originally made in Taiwan. I'm already have 2 bags from my mom last year, but wait.. why I bought this again, again and over again and wow this is too much right? Because I love the materials. It's really thick and waterproof. I have prove it before, I brought my mac inside when it was rained outside and my mac still dry. Oh fyi, This is not for myself, but me and my little-sister. 

The bag cost me $800/each. It's really worth it. I love their high-quality, even the zipper! Anyway, There's so many brands with the (almost) same bag, but Uma Hana is the one which have really high-quality. Uma Hana with Pony Logo. 

Taiwan is Shopping Paradise (?) Yes it is but not for their fashion. Arghh! Unbranded clothes in there cost me about $1,500 - 3,000 or IDR 600,000 - 1,200,000. So I only bought three [3] pieces in there. Even it's really worth it because of their high-materials but I think it's quite expensive.

I prefer you to buy in Hongkong, if you want to shopping for fashion such as clothes or accessories. It's really cheap in there. Seriously. 

Last but not least, Skincare! I bought skincare and makeup from Etude House, L'HERBOFLORE, Tony Moly, The Skin Food and The Face Shop, but I forgot to take its pictures so Sawrry! *a-la-Cheon-Song-Yi* But here's the samples I got. 

Okay, this is the end of my Taiwan Haul. I will post my trip separately such as the traditional market, store, mall, favourite place to eat and others! Stay tune! Thanks for reading. Everyone have a nice dey!

xx elinivana xx
13 komentar on "Taiwan Haul x 2014 x"
  1. I miss Taiwan! Cant wait to read about your trip :)


  2. wahhh km suka bebek jg ya, sm ky ce bebe..
    cantik banget sih foto yg pertamanyaaa <3 <3

    1. Ah ya?? Samaan dong :p cc yg komen mah lebih cantik d:

  3. hi may i know where i can find the uma hana bags in taiwan? are they in taipei?

  4. hi may i know where you bought your uma hana bags in taiwan? are they in taipei?

    1. As long as you're in Taiwan, Uma Hana still can be found. :)

  5. oooohhh sucks that we just came across our blogs recently, if we knew earlier we could set up a meeting here in taiwan D; anyway your haul is really nice! and omg that rubber duck was freaking anywhere i kinda got sick of it lol.

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

    1. Thank you, yes it is. I was really sick bcs of that d:


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