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Mei 07, 2014
Hello all-the-pretty-girls-around-the-world! How is your day? Mm. I'm pretty good too. By-the-way, I have one announcement to make today! I know it's too late. 

So, What's the unimportant announcement? 

 "I'm the First Indonesian Beauty Blogger who became Guest Blogger on LXedit.com."

It's a website by Luxola. It contains about all about beauty tips & tricks. So what's my responsibility? I make an article in Indonesia Language and of course it's all about beauty. 

I've got some gifts from Luxola. Check out what's the gifts!
So here is the gifts! The packaging was so lovely right? Isn't it? I will open it up and tell you more details what's inside. *scroll-down*

First, What is this? It's a warm-greetings card. Well yes it is but it is not. It's a voucher to shopping in back side. I will not tell anyone how much the voucher is. Just secret. LOL. Anyway, don't think that it's too much when it's not. 

Then I got Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit. When I open its box, I'm really surprised, It's made from Taiwan. I'm glad to know this since I've never tried Taiwan Brands in Makeup. I'm gonna review it later.

SIGMA Brush! Again again and over again. I got all my Sigma Brushes from Luxola. Thanks Luxola, My brush will be complete I think. 

Nah, This is Blush on, It's one colour only inside and I don't think that the colour will suits me well because it's too dark.

When I see the purple jar like this, I don't have any idea seriously. It's an eye dust. What's an eye dust? It's an eyeshadow or what? I love the purple colour anyway

Last but not least, It's skincare time! Whenever I want to shopping in Luxola. I wanna try this mask. Because I feel this mask is pretty good and the price is worth to try. 

This is the end of my gifts review from Luxola. I will review them one by one. So stay tune for more coming post on my blog

I love warm hugs,

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