Reduce Redness with L'HERBOFLORE Lemon Balm Hydrating Mask [REVIEW]

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April 29, 2014
Hello the pretty-girls-around-round-the-world! Ni hao ma? So I just back to Indonesia, my not so amazing country. I want to review sleeping mask that I just bought in Taiwan. I bought this on 21st and today were 29th. So it's been 8 days I've been using this mask.

This Sleeping Mask under L'Herboflore brand. This is my first time to know and use this brand. The L'Herboflore store is only in Taiwan

Do you wanna know the result? Is that will be amazing like another sleeping mask product that I've used before? Or not?

I went to 101 mall and get bored easily. I just go to LG and the L'Herboflore's girl is grabbing my hand and put a small mask in my hand. When the mask (sample) is on my hand, I feel that the water of the mask have a good smell and not sticky at all. My hand became smooth after 10 minutes. So I'm wondering of L'Herboflore products.

There were so many variants mask on L'Herboflore and I just feel WOW THIS IS GREAT! I pay full attention to this sleeping mask, because this sleeping mask can reduce redness cause of acnes, pustules, acne scars or another trouble on skin. 

So here is the packaging. The packaging was so simple.

This is L'Herboflore looks like. Let see what's inside the box.

The cap were so freaking amazing. It has greeny-yellowish neon colour.

It contains 90 ml. I love the pattern of L'Herboflore anyway. This sleeping mask comes with spatula. 

When I see the texture for the first time, I don't think that it would be sticky, well that's true. It doesn't sticky at all. 

Did you know that take a little amount of cream from the jar using our finger is not hygiene? I mean, you have to use spatula to take your cream. This is the first rules of using skincare. L'Herboflore Lemon Balm Hydrating Mask also give the spatula to take care the hygiene.

Here is the swatches of L'Herboflore Sleeping Mask or Lemon Balm Hydrating Mask. How to use it?
In the night, Just apply a little mount to your face and go sleep. Wash in the next day. In the day, you can use this sleeping mask as a lotion.

Ah ya, the important thing is this mask can be used everyday. It's not like another sleeping mask that can only use one time in a week. The second important thing, this mask really suits on teenager skin. Just not like my old sleeping mask. It was for 25 years old -_-

When I used this mask, I feel awesome. It's dry so fast. Within a minute and didn't leave me sticky feelings. It's not oily, so this is perfect for my acne prone and oily combination skin. This is dry quickly but it's moisture well on my skin.

So I bought 2 sleeping mask for me and my friend. The result was amazing. I have a new acne with zit and it leaves redness mark on my face a week ago, I only applied on my redness and the redness was reduce so much. I think this is works so fast on new acne scars and redness. The old scars will be need a longer time for heal and gone. I will give you the update of this sleeping mask! :)

Unfortunately, L'Herboflore is only in Taiwan and their website is only showing their product, I can't purchase by online but the store girl so pretty-kind. She give me her LINE and Weibo Contact so whenever I want to purchase this mask, I can order from her. Thankiss!

xx elinivana xx

19 komentar on "Reduce Redness with L'HERBOFLORE Lemon Balm Hydrating Mask [REVIEW]"
  1. It could help my skin~ Thank you for the tip! : )


  2. Ah kayaknya bagus jd pengen nyoba juga, tp sayang gabisa beli online ya >w<
    Thanks for sharing lin ^^

    1. Iya kak, bagus banget, tapi nggak bisa beli online ):

  3. Aww, what a shame you can't purchase this product overseas! I'll need to see if I can get my hands onto it somehow, you really got me interested. :) I especially like the part that says that it dries quickly, because I really don't want to go to bed with a sticky mask on my face that will end up all over my pillow.
    It's so nice of them to give you an opportunity to purchase this mask without going to Taiwan! That's what I call really good customer service. :) Thank you for the review, Lin! :)

    1. Yes. The customer service was really good.

  4. Great Post. Lovely Blog.
    I am following your blog. pls follow back,xxx
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  5. @Elin, are u able to provide me with the contact details of the person? i also want to purchase the mask but dont stay in Taiwan! :(

    1. Hello! I'm not publish her LINE bcs it's her privacy. You can contact me through LINE. Thank you.}

  6. Jadi mw beli ini untuk adikku yang punya masalah jerawat juga, harganya brp say?

  7. Hai elin...
    Aku bisa minta line atau kontak kamu?
    Aku mau coba sleeping mask ini untuk ngilangin bekas jerawat aku...
    Email aku ya... di
    Makasih.. :)

  8. I would like to enquire if you were to purchase you order from your Taiwan store girl? Any extra charges?

  9. Can I know do I store this in fridge or?

    1. I keep in my bedroom. Away from sunlight.

  10. Ditaiwan belinya dmn ya ka? Soalnya aku lagi ditaiwan ni, aku nyari2 diwatsons ga ada?
    Trus harganya brp Nt ka?


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