Cheon Song Yi - You Who Came From The Stars [Makeup Inspired Tutorial]

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April 15, 2014
Annyeonghaseyo! Halo! Hai! Hello all the pretty girls around round round the world! LOL What's the matter with the opening? I'm just doing it for fun anyway. 

Well, Today I'm back with Makeup Inspired Tutorial. Is there anyone who already watched "You Who Came From The Stars"? Put your hands up in the air *overreacting* This movie is Korean Drama. 

Nah, If you have watched this movie, you already know the female main character who played as Cheon Song Yi [Jun Ji Hyun]?

I really adore her makeup and fashion. She is really a dumb-fooled girl in this movie but her acting was cute. She played as an actress in there and the guy that she loves is an Alien. You know Alien, right? -_- Google can help you if you didn't know. 

So, here is Cheon Song Yi - Makeup Inspired Makeup Tutorial. I hope you like it! 

Her makeup was so simple and a little bit like Style Nanda - Park Sora Makeup.  She usually wearing a neon color for lips. Such a neon burgundy, red or what else? Shocking pink.

These are the photo collection of her. 

I see that she's always wearing Shocking Pink Lipstick mostly. Sometimes she's wearing nude colour but I can count how many times she wears it.

As you can see on these picture, She didn't use any eyeshadow on her lids. Really? No lah. She always wearing makeup in natural way. That's why she picked brown nude colour for her eyeshadow.

Even it is in home scene, she always wearing her natural makeup, but the difference is only her eyebrow. In homey scene, she wears a grey to black eyebrow. Brown to dark brown in outside. 

So, How to Makeup Like Cheon Song Yi ?

1. Apply your favorite makeup base.
2. Apply BB Cream. I used Aloe Vera BB Cream from The Skin Food here.
3. Make your eyebrow as straight as your real eyebrow pattern. I used Missha Drawing Cake Eyebrow.
4. Use a brown - nude colour for your eyeshadow. I used I-Divine Snapshots Palette. Washed Ashore Colour.
5. Use your favorite gel liner. Don't make a wings because Cheon Song Yi didn't make any wings for her eyeliner. I used Maybelline Long Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black.
6. Use your favorit mascara, I don't really like to use any mascara so in this tutorial I'm also didn't wear it.
7. Apply your favorite lip balm so your lips won't dry. I used Crazy Rumors in Raspberry.
8. Apply your stunning lip colour. I mixed APIEU Sarangbit Lip Cream and Red Lipstick from The Face Shop.

*Correct: Cheon Song Yi*

Here is the result. 
Cheon Song Yi - elinivana <3 

I don't really like her but sometimes I wish I am. She's so pretty.  What can I do is only trying to makeup like her.

Sorry for the #Selca Time!!

Thank you so much for reading my 1, 2, 3, 4 umm ... my makeup inspired tutorial. I hope you like it! 

Please kindly give me a comment, so I can do my makeup inspired tutorial better next time. 
See ya!

xx elinivana xx
14 komentar on "Cheon Song Yi - You Who Came From The Stars [Makeup Inspired Tutorial]"
  1. aaaa stuju banget, Lin! aku jg slalu mrasa makeup atau muka dia mirip So Ra hahaha >.<
    km slalu cocok makeup natural2 gini krn mmg dasarnya ud cantik ^^

    good luck ya UAN nya :D

    1. Makasih ce, hahahaa
      Iya, nggak pro niruin makeup ce, seadanya deh d:

  2. Cantik Lin, cocok banget ^_^
    Btw, namanya Cho Song Yi, Cheon Song Yi atau Chon Song Yi ya? hahaha
    Banyak versi ya, jadi bingung :D

    1. Nah itu dia ci, banyak versi translatenya x)

    2. I think it's Cheon Song Yi. Anyway, you're beautiful! :D Nice makeup tutorial!
      Mira |

    3. Thank you Mira! Already changed it :)

  3. Aww, I love this makeup! You look so beautiful! *O*

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  4. since I love the natural make up, looks like I hv to try this
    thanks for sharing

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

    1. Aw, you should try this one! So adorable.

  5. nice makeup dear :) xx

  6. natural bgt lin, cakeeep deh ♥

    1. Bisaan deh, makasih Ka Lala <3 I love you to death


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