Makeup Collaboration 12 Shio [Mouse]

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Desember 23, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-around-the-world! So, this is a long time since my last post because ya you know right that I'm in exam. So many endorsement too late to be upload on. I do apologize. And yeah! I will make the makeup tutorial. For this time, the makeup tutorial inspired from 12 Shio. That was Chinese Zodiac. Here is a pic of me: *I became a Mouse*

How Can Makeup like a Mouse?

In order to my picture is already in Bahasa, so I will write in English for this time. The first step you have to do is make an eyebrow in a black colour. Then, apply your favourite black eyeliner. Remember! Don't make a wing. After that, apply a little amount of eyeshadow. Make sure that it is a baby pink colour. Don't apply too much. Just when you open up your eyes, the colour will shown. Finally, Make your eyes pretty with mascara. Choose the black colour.

For the special effect to become like a mouse, you have to use lip concealer first to make your lips looks so pale in white. Then, make your lips just like a Minnie Mouse. Make a heart shape in middle of your lips. Choose the pink to red colour for the best result. The final steps you have to make a triangle with a black eyeliner and make a mustache. 

Beauty Tips:
1. Use liquid eyeliner for the best result. Seriously I'm not recommended you to use eyeliner pen because it will dry. 

Here is the 11 Indonesian Beauty Blogger:

Mouse : Elin 
Buffalo : Nuria
Tiger : Ken
Dragon : Anisa
Monkey : Hanni
Snake : Dine
Goat : Rifka
Horse : Anne
Chicken : Ike
Rabbit : Yunita
Pig : Aldila 

How is my makeup right now? It's totally different and out from my comfort zone as a Beauty Blogger who concern to Korean makeup tutorial.

15 komentar on "Makeup Collaboration 12 Shio [Mouse]"
  1. Balasan
    1. Aw, thanks pretty. I'm pretty confident with this. LOL

  2. you look very cute and adorableeee x'3

    cheer, michelle

  3. Syuuuka dengan titorial dan new hair nya eliiiin *o*

    1. Nggak pro ini mah, get inspired from ka Dine d:

  4. love your hair color :D


  5. so cute Elin xD diginiin aja masih cantik xD <3

  6. love the gorgeous makeup! you look pretty and i love that shio picture you made <3

    Letters To Juliet

  7. wow, cute mouse.. <3 kurang kuping kayaknya :p


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