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Oktober 31, 2013
모두 안녕! 이것은 오늘 저의 두 번째 게시물입니다! 그래서 그것을 밖으로 체크!

Let's start! I hear that @thelolabox Indonesia making giveaway in a week ago. They are gonna giveaway Vitamin Science series. There will be 4 winners in this giveaway. This is fun and I'm instantly join.
Well, do you ever hear about @thelolabox? Lolabox is an.. hmm.. I can't explain alot about them but they have business about beauty. It's called Beauty-Box. In every box, you can get 8-10 new beauty product in different brand. You can subscribe the beauty box in LOLABOX.

OH maybe it's about 5 days later. When I woke up and I tagged as the winner of this giveaway. OH MY GOSH! DID I GET IT? I really surprised on that morning. I just can't believed that. Yes, it is because I just having fun of this giveaway and I get it. Then, they asked me to email them. *whoosh~email sent*

 These are the lucky winners of Vitamin Science Series. "Congratulations girls!" said @luxolaindo.

TADAAA! The package is finally arrived this morning! This is really cute package for me :)

*when the package arrive*

My mom asked me, "Dear, What did you buy until you get this package?", 
"Well, I don't buy anything, Mom. Maybe that package from Lolabox." I said so. 
"What do you mean? So, you get it for free? What you've done Dear?" She asked me over over and over again. -_-
"I just joined their giveaway a week ago. I tagged as the winner. Don't worry, Mom. It's not a BOMB." LOL 

I brought Lolabox package to my room. I can't wait to opened up this package. This is "Vita A Calming Serum"

How is it looks like from the front and back? 

The Vita A Serum bottle has an orange colour just like orange. Then it has a pump above the bottle. It's easier way to use serum, right? So we don't have use our fingers just to make out the serum.

The Vita A Serum has a sweet scent. It's not like an orange favour. It's more like flower favour. When I pinch the pump and make it out on back of my hand, the texture of this serum so watery. I love this part. It's very light. This serum is getting absorbed very quickly and it doesn't leave me with sticky  and greasy feelings. 

Thank you a million @thelolabox for Vita A Calming Serum! Don't forget to subscribe their LOLABOX-Beauty Box!

9 komentar on "Vita A Calming Serum from Lolabox"
  1. it looks so nice and the box seems to be very fun and surprising :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. Yes Michelle! It's really surprised me on this morning x)

  2. wow rasanya seenneeeeng banget ya dapet paket ituuu ^^
    pasti enak banget tuh pake serum. hihihi <3

    1. Iya dong pastinya x) Apalagi ini baru pertama kali pake serum x)

  3. nice review <33 i really wanna try buy lolabox!


    1. Thank you. Subscribe their Beauty Box on :)

  4. nice review! thanks for dropping by on my blog..i am your new subbie..=)

  5. Ive been wanting to try a serum for a while now. Do you think this one is as efficient as any others you've tried?
    But thank you for the review! <3 Congrats!
    Please check out my blog if you have the time! ;v;

    ☆ gin ★

    1. Hey thank you for stopping by. Um, well idk for surenthe efficiency of this serum. This one is the newest serum from me. x)


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