Naeun A-PINK Makeup [TUTORIAL]

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Oktober 19, 2013
Hello pretty girls around the world! ^^ Yesterday I decided to make IU's makeup tutorial but my makeup mood today is change as easy as a girl change her clothes x) I decide to make Naeun A-PINK Makeup Tutorial as you seen on the picture below. 

She's so beautiful right? Sometimes she wear "No Makeup" makeup. Korean used to be like that.
Here's some pictures of Naeun A-Pink:

How to Makeup like Naeun?

1. Apply a little amount of BB Cream. In here, I used BB Cream Bright Fit from Etude House.
2. Use loose powder to make our makeup long-lasting. I used Loose Powder Lovely ME:EX from The Face Shop.
3. Draw your Eyebrow just like Naeun. Straight and make a slash in the corner of your Eyebrow. I used Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House.
4. Use a black eyeliner on your eyes. Remember, Naeun's eyeliner never looks like a cat eyes. I used Oh M'Eyeline from Etude House.
5. Blush your cheeks with a pink colour. I used Maybelline Blush On here.
6. Last but not least, make a pink-pretty lips. I used Eco Flower Innisfree Baby Pink Lip Tint.

Makeup Product I used:
1. BB Cream Cotton Fit from Etude House.
2. Loose Powder Lovely ME:EX from The Face Shop.
3. Dark Brown Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House.
4. Gray Oh M'Eyeline from Etude House.
5. Maybelline Blush On.
6. Eco Flower Innisfree Baby Pink Lip Tint.

Here's some pictures of me x) 
Note: Sorry for spamming.

Any comment/suggestion/ideas? ^^ I'd love to hear it from you. 
24 komentar on "Naeun A-PINK Makeup [TUTORIAL]"
  1. cieeee ahirnya jadi bikin naeun :D
    kurang aegyo sal nya aja linnnn ~ rambutnya udah mirip XD

    1. Iya ce, kemarin sih maunya bikin IU. Tapi ntar deh, next time xD
      Hmm, gimana ya caranya bikin aegyosal ._.

    2. pake dear girls eye cute maker nya etude lin coba~ wkwk
      tp pake eyeshadow shimmer pink sama eyeshadow coklat gitu jg bisa sih kayanya :DD

  2. OMGGGG you looks so pretty and cute x3 and you should film a make-up tutorial ;;)
    btw do you have any line/twitter so we can chat 'cause I want to know you more (kalo boleh :p)

    cheer, michelle

    1. Thank you and I'll try to make makeup tutorial by Video. XD Follow me on twitter @elinivana and add me to your line elinivana. I'm also happy to get to know you more baby.

  3. Cantiiiiiik^^ ya ampun.. Pose sama riasan wajah nya mirip chay :)

  4. Wow, you have such beautiful eyes!
    Love your make-up too. Very cute and beautiful ^^

    Anyway, I've been following your blog.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Thank you!

    1. Followed ya :) Thanks for visiting anyway x)

  5. you're so beautiful... really like naeun..

  6. Wow you are just breathtakingly beautiful :) I love that you're a beauty blogger too so I'm following you!

    1. I just followed you back :) thanks for stopping by anyway!

  7. okay... i'm following you now. just wait for your replay... :)

    1. Hey Kristina, I just followed you back :) Thank you :)

  8. Nice & pretty tutorial! I just surf through your blog, it's fun. followed:))

  9. elin sayang kamu cantik dan imut sekali =3

    New post is up..!!

  10. you are look like a lot with naeun yaa ❤
    so pretty ! thanks for the tutorial :D

  11. Hello,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting… and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to meet my space as well and I hope you'll have as much fun as I am having in yours!
    I wish you lots of success

  12. Wow you look so cute!! The make up looks really good!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Your make up is so cute ^w^ I love no make up make up the best, it's so pretty~!
    btw, you're cute too ^-^* Have a good blogger day or something~



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