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Oktober 11, 2013
Hello pretty! This is really a lateee post! LOL since my internet was offline so here we go! I will continue my review about Melilea Brand, for its Botanical Skincare Series. so let's review! 

This is Melilea pH Balance Toner. Melilea brand has a botanical skin care as I reviewed on my post before. It came with white, slim, tall box exactly. The toner has simple bottle with spray hole in itself.

Nah, On this picture below, you can see Melilea distributed their product in whole world. 

The thing that successfully made me surprised was the toner's colour. The water has a pink-orange colour. I used it after I do cleansing to my face with Herbal Cleansing from Melilea too, I will make the review on the next post *so stay tune* I love the scents of this toner, the texture is really watery and easily get absorbed to my skin surface. It doesn't contains alcohol, so it's really safe for you girls. 

Until next blog! 
4 komentar on "Melilea pH Balance Toner [3]"
  1. Ini produk luar negeri ya? Kaya worth untuk dicoba.. Coz aku juga lg toner yg cocok.. Ouw ya.. Aku kira malah td ini merek susu kedelai lhoo XD hihihi..

    1. Hahahaha iya kak, ini produk LN punya, emang ada susu kedelainya sih d: yg terkenal kan itu duluan. Bagus deh klo pake toner ini x) *bukan promosi lho*

  2. hello dear thanks for drop by on my blog, i already follow your blog.mind to follow me back? :)


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