When will your cosmetic expired? Let's check!

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September 05, 2013
"It's same as food. Our make up and skin care also have expired date."

Who want try expired product? Nobody, right? Well it's same as food. Our make up and skin care also have period. For all of you girls, you-have-to know this! Make up and skin care that didn't opened yet could be long lasting for a very long time since you open it. But make sure you keep it in cool temperature, Age of our beauty products begins when you open the container. Not only the temperature of the hot air and kind that causes age makeup shorter. Use of makeup and skin care with dirty hands, especially hands also be other causes. You see, the bacteria that is in the hands will move on to our makeup and skin care directly. BIG EW! If we are still forced to use expired makeup can consequently damaged our skin and allergies. So let's check the expired date of your makeup or skin care!
Oil-Free/Water-Based Foundation : 1 year
Other Foundation : 18 months
Moisturizer and Skin Care :1 – 2 years
Concealer : 1 year
Compact Powder : 18 months
Loose Powder : 2 years
Eyebrow Pencil : 2 years
Powder Eyeshadow : 2 years
Cream Eyeshadow : 6 – 12 months
Liquid/ Gel Eyeliner : 6 months
Eyeliner Pencil : 2 years
Mascara : 6 months
Powder Blush : 2 years
Cream Blush On : 6 – 12 months
Lip Balm : 2 - 3 months
Lip Tint : 1 year
Lipgloss : 1 year
Lipliner : 2 years

Tips : 
Get used to affix a small label with your date when you open the beauty product. For example, the first lipstick you wear in August 2013. Attach the label a year after the August 2013. So you always remember deh when makeup and skin care should be discarded.

Good night!
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