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September 09, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-around-the-world! Did you know that Red Lipstick makes our make up style outstanding and fab? Before you wearing red lipstick, You should check my tips out! 

"Red lipstick became a symbol of the charm of Asian women and then it became the trending now!"

Lipstick become one of the essential cosmetics for every woman everywhere every time. Don't need to nick a variety of colours in your makeup , polish pretty red blush on the lips, mesmerising your appearance will change in an instant .

Nowadays, Red colour has always favored and chosen by the women in the world for a more formal look, fresh and different. A touch of red on the lips felt able to give the impression of glamor and elegance on your face. But that should be known, not all skin tones suit red lipstick.

So don't let the wrong red color lipstick ruins your make up girls, if you don't want to make your face seem older.
- Understand your skin colour then select the type of red color which is suitable for you. :)

- Pale white skin is more suitable with purple-red color like burgundy with the aim to reduce the impression of too excessive if wearing a blood red light.

- Leather tanned recommended choosing red or dark red hearts.

- Olive skin fit with bluish red lipstick , red - brown , red and purple. However, avoid orange lipstick because the color is not capable of removing the aura of women who have olive skin.

- The normal skin should choose a dark red color matching the color of mahogany wood which could give the impression of sensual and exotic .

How to make our lipstick long-lasting?

- Use a red lipstick with a brush evenly, wait 3 seconds, then paste it into a tissue lips and place a little powder and reapply lipstick with a brush to create long-lasting lipstick on the lips.

- Always use a lipstick that contains sunscreen and lip moisturizer so that you are always protected .

- Clean your lips always after a day of wearing lipstick because the red color is able to leave lasting stains which can make your lips look black and dark.

- The red color is divided into two types , namely warm , and cool . Warm colors tend to be dominated by a dim red like red -brown , purple , and blue. Cool is usually dominated by a bright red color like red chili and blood.

- If you're having thin lips, gently choose a soft red color and bright, bold lips and for thick lips, select an older red color.

- The color red can highlight the lip shape and extra lines  So , before applying the lipstick red color, frame your lips with pencil lipstick that is more durable. Lines with paying attention and apply the appropriate red lipstick using a brush.

- If you've decided to wear red lipstick, you're ready to be the center of attention. But if you still doubt, red lip gloss can be used as an alternative option.

- With red colour lipstick, you don't need wear any color in makeup on your face.

Stay fabs girl!
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