Nail Colour Lovely ME:EX RD 302 [REVIEW]

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September 28, 2013

I woke up so early on this day! My school was like an International school. I'm going to my school only on my weekday, but today I had submitted my assignment due the deadline. I woke up on 7 am and going to school on 8 am. Well yeah, my teachers had a meeting. I saw that from the window-class -__- I waited, waited and waited. I met my10th grader student and I asked them to submitted my assignment :p well I'm so lazy to waited the teacher's meeting. Then I'm HOME! This is my first saturday morning ._. what's that mean? That's mean I never woke up on 7 am on my weekend! Seriously, I'm looking for something to do and I looked at my nail polish collection. I found the sexiest one. LOL

I'm going to colour my nails today! 
I love red colour since I got my red lipstick.
Now, I'm going to review one of Nail Colour from The Face Shop. 

I am looking for the perfect Red Lacquer that is good quality but not too expensive. So I went up and looked for one from The Face Shop. It comes from the line Lovely ME:EX. I have been a fan of their nail color line since it is wide range and very affordable. 

The Face Shop is a Korean brand here in Indonesia and this brands is also popular as Etude House. Maybe it's little bit pricey than Etude House. I've been so addicted to their Nail Polish line. They have tons of product from skin care, body care, hair care even make-up. And one of their popular line is their Nail Care. The face shop had Lovely ME:EX brands, I have asked the promotion girl and she said Lovely ME:EX provided for teenager.

The brush is quite wide and perfect to my nail face. It didn't come out to my skin around my nails. It glides well on my nails.

I also do my own nails colour because I don't have much time to go to a Beauty Nails Spa and have my nails done. So I shop for polishes and do my nails whenever I have some time to spare and luckily I have today! So I changed my nails to a Dashing Red! 

I think RD302 is a very good pigment of RED, It's really has sexy look. It also dries fast so if you're an on-the-go type of person, this is perfect for you! It has shiny finish. I'm only do one time, not layered. It's thin application on nails, it doesn't feel heavy. It can last for more than a week but you can chapped your nail colours already after 5 days. It depends on your activity. But overall, I love it!

Use the top coat for protect and make your nail colour long lasting.
2 komentar on "Nail Colour Lovely ME:EX RD 302 [REVIEW] "
  1. wow the color is so pretty X)
    anw youre beautiful :D

    nice blog!

    1. Hey!
      You're also beautiful x) you look like krystal f(x) LOL
      Do you live in Bali anyway?


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