Makeup Tips For Your Perfect Beach Vacation - Check it out!

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September 21, 2013

Rainy season ended girls and it's our time to have fun in the water! but nobody wants sun damaged our skin right? We have to protect our skin from the external factors. I have some tips that helps our makeup to stay for a long time even in the water. Let's prepare a makeup pouch for a PERFECT BEACH Vacation and having fun!

We've rounded up the best waterproof makeup items. Let's protect our skin from the sunlight! 

 1. Makeup is important but UV protection is the most important! 
Girls, if we're planning on outdoor activity, It's very important to apply sunscreen first. SPF 25-30 is good for daily use but you need SPF 50 or more when you plan on hanging out under the sun all day long. Use waterproof products so your makeup wouldn't be erased easily by the water. Especially hair is directly exposed to the sun, so it can be easily damaged and get dead cell accumulation. To avoid this bad situation, pay close attention to UV protection. 

2. Light and delicate base makeup
2nd Tip, how to protect makeup from being smudged by water and sweat what we have to use is a base product with light texture and strong adhesion. This is why CC cream has become one of MUST-HAVE items for vacation season. Heavy makeup can be easily erased and smudged and yes! this is the reason why so many women use light CC cream for their vacation. Incase, CC cream also gives a natural makeup effect, so natural that it looks like you aren't wearing any makeup anyway. CC cream with UV protection effect is one of the best items for your beach beauty pouch. Let’s bring your CC cream that keeps your skin fresh in the hot weather. 

Tip 3. How to avoid smudged makeup
The last tips, If you want to do some fancy makeup that goes well with your beach look, choose waterproof product so your makeup won’t be washed off easily. From eyebrow to lipsticks various waterproof items have been released. Use mascara fixer and coat your eyelashes one more even though you used waterproof mascara. And tattoo-type eyeliner and eyebrow I'm highly recommended. The important step-to-do: Use loose powder after applying CC cream for better coverage and adhesion.
Note: I don't really recommend you to wear any heavy makeup like smokey eyes or others, I'm quite highly recommend you to wear natural makeup.

FYI, There are over 100 Beauty brands have launch various items that are strong in the heat and sweat in the summer. Let’s choose the right one of beauty items and keep our skin smooth during the beach vacation!

What MUST items to bring to the beach?
1. CC Cream Etude House
2. Sunprise Loose Powder Etude House
3. 10 Proof Liquid Liner Etude House
4. Nivea Sunblock SPF 50 Whitening
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