[Lip] Smooth Color Bloom by Maybelline [REVIEW]

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September 18, 2013
Hello pretty-girls! What's up? I just find out this picture on my Beauty Blogger folder, this is the one thing I've missed out for review. I took this picture from 3 months ago but I'm not review anything about this since I forgot. ><
This is Lip Smooth Color Bloom from Maybelline.

 OK, so I will reviewing a very old but faithful product from Maybelline. I got this Lip Balm from Matahari Department Store. It's about IDR 25.000 if I'm not having a bad memory. This lip smooth color bloom was launched in two color pink bloom and peach bloom. Pink bloom is more of hot pink colour and it gives more coverage. If you are heavy on lip pigmentation or in love with hot pink, buy that colour. Peach blossom comes in a tiny and sleek twist up tube. It's tiny so easily fits into the pocket and can be carried anywhere. This is not a cream stick so it doesn’t melt inside the pocket. LOL I am totally in love with this lip balm. Let me know you more about it!

This product or lip balm comes in a slim bright pink plastic twist up tube. I like the sweet design and girly packaging and I generally prefer twist up packaging to potted lip balms. The texture feels fairly thin and not too waxy or heavy. The lip balm is clear stick and transparent, for the very first time I'm wondering:: How can this transparent Lip Balm do change colour? But this is surprised me! Within a minute of first application, the transparent  layer of balm on the lips acquires a vivid pink color. I’m quite impressed by the bright pink color it gives to the lips and the stain that stays on afterwards. 

That glossy balm layer wears off maybe an hour or 2 into wear leaving behind a matte pink stain that stays for 3-4 hours. If your lips are not in chapped condition, the stain is pretty even and uniform and doesn’t get patchy on the lips. It does give a decent bit of moisture, like an another lip balm but it won’t heal if you have very dry or chapped lips.

Well, I love the concept of color change once you apply it onto the lips. I used this for every morning before I'm going to school. It makes me feel fresh and having natural lips colour. It's like I have a power magic. *this is not I have supposed to think* The concept of customized lips is very innovative. 
It's super awesome and being a-must-have-items on my wish-list right now.
Note : For the first time apply, you will get a natural colour. If you want to have a strong colour, apply twice or more.
2 komentar on "[Lip] Smooth Color Bloom by Maybelline [REVIEW]"
  1. Aah I love this one too! The pink color is different from one person to another, they said each person have her own pink shade ;) Have you tried the new Baby Lips Color? they're amazing too, more like a tinted lipbalm ;)

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    1. No, I never tried the Baby Lips Color since I don't have much time to find out :(


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