How To Treat Our Skin At Night

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September 07, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-around-the-world! Are you going to sleep? Is your face clean enough?
Make sure that you're going to sleep with a clean face! Why?

After a full day of activities indoor or outdoor, Our face will be dirty and yacks! Especially if you wear makeup all day, it can damage your skin. How to treat our skin? Before go to bed you have to do a facials treatment by yourself to keep skin clean.

Caring face at night is often overlooked or forgotten because of drowsiness. In fact that treat skin at night is very important as you could know! How?

First of all, make sure your face is dry or not oily. If your face is oily and then you wash with water directly, it's will make new acne. So, clean the oil in your face first with a dry cotton, followed by using a facial cleansing milk and toner. For those of you who do not wear makeup, simply wash face with cleansing wipe for the face. And then spray toner to keep your skin fresh and balance pH of your skin. After that wash your face with a facial wash to clean. Last but not least, use moisturize to moisture your skin all night. Make sure the skin care products according to your skin type. 
-In addition to a series of treatments, how to wipe our face is also need to be considered!
-Use a soft towel and apply to the face by pat, don't rub the rough because it can damage the skin.
-Started all movement of the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead with a finger rotate upward in order to keep facial skin tight. You only need to use your forefinger and middle.
-Repeat this skin care routine every night so your skin still beauty enough.
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