How To Know The Right Eyeliner For You

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September 08, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-around-the-world! Here are some tips how to know the right eyeliner for you.

[No Eyeliner]

What Am I LOOK LIKE With Eyeliner? See the Difference!
[Wearing Eyeliner]

Wearing eyeliner can make our eyes look more expressive and make up looks outstanding. That's why Eyeliner become one item that I couldn't live without. Unfortunately, wearing eyeliner is not easy. Now, before you learn to apply eyeliner, Find out what the right eyeliner  to our eyes.

Choose a color eyeliner in accordance with the natural color of eyes or hair. Fortunately, Most of Indonesian people have black hair and black/brown eyes. Which was the colour is match to any color eyeliner.

First, You should choose the type of eyeliner to use. Eyeliner pencil really suitable for us who are still learning. For already more proficient, you will able to choose the form of liquid eyeliner brush. If you're already good at, eyeliner gel could be an option. Because it means we've been able to determine the pressure and pull the right line to create a beautiful line.

Always try before buying eyeliner. Check the texture by applying at the back of the hand. Wait a minute and then splash the water to know if it's eyeliner smudged or not. We have to know that the eyeliner is really waterproof. If you want a non-waterproof eyeliner, you can choose the eyeliner that didn't smudged faster.

How is it looks like? It's give me power and sharpen in my eyes but still give me pretty looks.
It's your turn! 
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