How To Clean Our Make-Up Brush

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September 11, 2013
Hello pretty-girls-around-the-world! Some of people that I know don't even notice that brushes are needed to be cleaned properly but do you know that the bacteria will stay still and cause skin problems? Instead who have an acne prone skin! Nay!

So, are you gonna clean your make - up brush from the dirt and dust? I have the simplest way. 
Check it out!

This Brush Shower Cleaner chemical from Etude House. This is the full size but I got the refill from Etude House event recently as the reward LOL. I just realized I got so many product from being a beauty model. *letsback* I think it's better to buy the refill because the refill contains so much more 500ml while the full-size is only 250ml. 

 The refill is like the picture above, it's safe to use and keep because it has cap.

This is the back side of Etude House Makeup Brush Shower Cleaner 500ml

Etude House Brush Shower cleaner : Make up brush cleaner formulated to safely and thoroughly remove make up residues and germs from cosmatic tools.


- For brush cleaning use only.

- Avoid contact with eyes.

- Do not ingest.

- Keep out of reach oh children.
- Discontinue use if sings of irritation and/or rash appear from contact.

How To Clean Our Make - Up Brush?

I'm so ashamed if I have to share my brush pic >< As you can see, there is so much pink dust because my pink and purple blush on. But I'm gonna clean it today! 

1. Pour cleanser into small glass or receptacle.

 2. Insert brush head into solution. Use brush to stir solution and remove makeup residues.

 3. Remove brush from solution and rinse with running water.

 4. Use fingers to shape bristles.

5. Get an air dry before using. I'm using hair dryer to drying my brush faster. 

See? The result was awesome, my dirt-pink brush became totally clean right? Isn't it? No more dirt & dust! ^^

-Cleanliness is the most important thing in make-up-
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