Face It Gradation Art Nails #04 Delightful Purple by The Face Shop

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September 08, 2013
I find myself getting excited every weekend especially Sundays! Why? Because it's my "me" moment and my shortest holiday. 

How do I come up with nail art colour? Honestly I don't have a clue! I'm not like most of the nail art beauties out there who knows what they want and just do it! What about me? Umm.. Okay. I don't have a clue on what I have to do, I always start by choosing a base color then I'll go from there!
My inspiration this week is a delightful purple from The Face Shop. This is the "Face It" series.  I've done gradient nails a few weeks ago with gradation nails from Etude House.

This nail colour come with a small black box with elegant logo and text in there. 
 It's totally like Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails by Etude House that I've been tried.

There is 3 steps to do from the base-middle-top. What Etude House missed is the number sticker onto every cap of those nail colour, so we might get confused which one we should apply first. Take a look to the picture below! There is number sticker onto, it make us easier to know what we have to apply first. 

 [Left] Base

How to use it?

 1. Apply the base to nails covering entire nails surface.

2. Allow nails to partly dry then apply middle colour to nails from the mid nail line to the tip.

3. Allow coats base and middle colour to partly dry then apply the top just along the nail tips.

[The Result]

The brush is quite wide and easy to use to my nails. You know that my nails has a big surface, it's looks like wearing a fake nails or nails extension. I will upload the result soon! So stay tune!
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