Eco Flower Lip Tint #BabyPink by Innisfree [REVIEW]

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September 08, 2013
What is it?
It is Eco Flower Lip Tint from Innisfree! I get my baby pink colour. I have this lip tint for a very long time, not so long time but since April If could remember well. Innisfree is Korean Beauty Brand and It's like Etude House Brand too.

Well, I will start with the packaging, the packaging is cute as Etude House product. Simple and totally vintage I think. The brush is soft. *Looks the picture below*

The lip tints don’t have the same watery consistency I’ve come to expect from tints and stains. Instead, they have a rather more creamy texture that’s caught between a lipstick and a lip-gloss.
What does this mean for pigmentation? Well, it’s not as strong as a lip stain, but it’s more than just a slightly coloured lip-gloss. That said, the colour is pleasantly buildable and with persistence, I can reach quite a dramatic shade you know. And then after I apply this a little bit to my lips, It's like I eat the bubble gum, the scent was so quite lovely and fruity. 

For the first time apply, it has watery texture and then less than a minute it's absorb and changed into my natural lips colour. I love this part. I feel this lip tint didn't moist my lips enough, my lips became so dry after I used this. It give me breakout and then I stopped to use this lip tint anymore. But I'm very like for what the colour it give to me. :( 

Notes: The effect for every people is different, maybe this lip tint make my lips dry, but maybe it will not happens to you. 

If you want a strength colour, you can apply twice or more than that. It will give your lips darken colour.
3 komentar on "Eco Flower Lip Tint #BabyPink by Innisfree [REVIEW]"
  1. such a lovely lip tint, i'm considering to get myself the purple one hehe :D
    i've followed you, hope you'll follow me back~ :)

    1. Followed dear! You will always play the colour of your lips x)

  2. Nggak pernah coba yang ini. Tapi punya eco fruit tint-nya Innisfree. Bagus juga. :D

    Mari kita follow-follow-an. ;) Salam kenal ya.


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