Code:B Nail Art Pen by Etude House [REVIEW]

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September 29, 2013
안녕하십니까! Today I'm gonna review Code:B Nail Art Pen from Etude House. Let's start!

If you're a fan of nail art and doesn't have much time to go to Nail Beauty Salon like me, I have one product that helps you make a pretty and simple nail art, Ok, Anyway – when it comes nails I am just a pretender. If I get a mark on newly applied polish they all have to come off cos I can’t stand it. I am not nail art-iste. I don't have a lot of patience but I have to. When I spotted this product from Etude House on Beauty Carnaval. 

This Nail Art Pen didn't come with box, If I could remember well, it's only come with plastic.

I have so many nail colour on my collection and It will be so bored-to-death if you only applied it with plain colour of it right? I purchase this nail art pen for make my nails prettier. I hate the cap really. I can't get off the cap. It's so hard! I'm kinda like an idiot girl when tried so hard to get off the cap.

The pen nib is good but quite oozy. I am guessing this is because you don’t need to squeeze the barrel to get the product out, it just oozes out by itself. This means you need to be quick and have a certain amount of control. 

I basically had some paper next to me the whole time to wipe of the excess. Needless to say, if you ain’t using it, put the cap on it!

The colour is a typical opaque black which I though would be nice for designs. Its very opaque not a wishy washy black which is great. It's a little bit thick but it's dry pretty quickly. This comes in a few shades too, red and white I believe, but in Etude House Beauty Carnaval it provides only in Black colour. I don't have idea to make a nail art with this black nail art pen.

I'm highly recommended you for this nail art pen girls! It's really worth it! :)
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