Clean Face Spot Corrector by The Face Shop [REVIEW]

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September 25, 2013
Hello pretty girls! ♥ 

I'm not posting anything since I've got trouble on my nose on Sat-Night :') I can't breathe as usually, I feel there's a slime in my nose. I felt so dizzy around my face. It's happens on Sunday morning too! My sister preferred me to see the doctor soon! Well, I'm a Doctor haters exactly. If I could make their haters club, Of course, Yes, I WILL!  I had absent on my school on Monday because I really can't get up. My body didn't recover to be better! I felt like my stamina was minus than 0. -___- Then my mother asked me to see the doctor. No, I will never go to that scariest place ever! but I need to get over from this illness. Remember, I had try-out schedule next month. So I went to nearest hospital. Okay. *the scariest story begin from here* The doctor told me that I got Sinusitis. What? Well, It's okay. Life is totally like lottery and I got the jackpot! I know that it will happen to me as soon as possible. My father had Sinusitis Surgery when I was child and for myself, I had the therapy for Sinusitis on 2001 and I suffered this until now. So I don't worried about myself even my mom still .. yeah .. you know it right! 

Anyway today I wanna show you a skincare that I've been using recently girls! As you guys all know, I do have a lot of acne with zit in it. So I've been looking for something to heal my acne.

Jaa-Jaaang~! And I come up with this Clean Face Spot Corrector from The Face Shop.

The left one is Clean Face Anti Trouble Healing Spot, I've reviewed the left one, so I will review the right-one. Clean Face Spot Corrector by The Face Shop.

It claims itself:
1. ContainsTea Tree Oil
2. Has Quick Clear Complex
3. The new and improved quick clear complex treat oily skin and problem skin more quickly and effectively

The texture is just like a thick white-transparent gel which will need to take a few minutes for it to be absorbed into my skin. I believe that this product is slightly scented but it is not too strong. The scent doesn't bother my nose me anyway. 

Note: Sorry I do not take the gel texture because this product I bought this from a very long time. But it is very useless if I do not make any review about it.

How to use it?
Cleans your hand before you want to use this. Take a small amount of gel and apply to your acne/acne scars area. Do not apply too much because it leaves you with an oily feeling.

Well, I don't have a lot of things to talk about this Clean Face Spot Corrector from The Face Shop since I don't think that this product is bad or great actually. This Clean Face Spot Corrector concern only on your acne scars area. For a spot corrector it does brightens up my acne scar and really work well on my skin, without irritated my skin but it really takes a long time for it to fades ad heal. 

For me, I never think applying this spot corrector for once is enough but I also need to use peeling and extract mask to help the acne scar. So girls, if you are looking for something that can heal your acne scar, you can purchase this but one thing you should know that If you used this alone is never enough. But if you have an acne with zit in there, you have to heal it first! I'm highly recommended you to use Clean Face Anti Trouble Healing Spot too! This is one of this series.

It took about around 16 weeks for my acne scar fades with all the other treatment. Anyway girls, I don't think this is a bad product but it wasn't a great product either. For the price I think it's really worth it! You can find this product in The Face Shop Store near you. 

Until next blog!


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