Calli Face Flower Mild Foam by Jutanhak [REVIEW]

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September 28, 2013
Ohayo Gozaimasu! ^^ I just went to my school this morning for submitting my homework. The homework had announced yesterday and that's a deadline. Grr.. But it's okay. It's over!

So, today I'm gonna review Calli Face Flower Mild Foam. 
This product came from Jutanhak Indonesia. Jutanhak is one of Korean Beauty Brand in Indonesia. I knew this brand when I had a facial treatment in Shopping Mall in Jakarta. 

You can purchase this on Jutanhak Indonesia. If you have read my blog from the very start, I had post about Calli Face Flower Cleansing Cream. If the Calli Face Flower Cleansing Cream for remove your makeup, this one is different. It is for cleansing our face from dirt and dust. The packaging is quite sweet, it design with simple white and pink. And I also like the cap, it make me easier when I have to travel.


Foam Cleansing Cream removing all traces of impurities and make up on the skin cleanly with rich and fine lather 

After Emulsifying a proper amount of Foam Cleanser in hands with lukewarm water or cool water, spread smoothly all over the face in a massage motion. On face washing, transforms into generous foam with water and rinse feeling like skin massage by fresh water.

When you press the bottle, The foam will come out and the texture is like a tooth-paste but it is dry at all. If you press the foam, it would be like the picture below. The scent is totally like flower, it didn't irritated my nose at all. I used this foam everyday, the control sebum is excellent. If you're wearing any make up on your face, you have to clean it first. I'm highly recommended you to remove with Calli Series. :) That's a perfect cleansing combination.

I think the price is really expensive, but in order to my acne-prone skin, I have to treat them well right?  This is helps my skin to be better, my acne stop appear on my skin after 2-3 weeks I used this. The control oil is quite good. This is also make your face look matte and still healthy everyday! I love it. And then I think the price is really worth it! 
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