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Agustus 22, 2013
Wait.. What? What is this? Please don't tell me I have to wait my suitcase for this long queue?? NO!


Hello everyone, I wanna share how is my holiday on July. Yes I know this is a lateeeeeee post. You know that I don't have much time to post anything about me. This will be a lonngggg post. I hope you're read it patiently :D

Okay! So I went to Singapore on July for 4 night and 5 days. I stay on V Lavender Hotel with my little sister and my pretty auntie. When my auntie do check-in, I wait in the lobby lounge and there is a old-man from NZ who can not check in because he forgot where his paspport is. I know because he told me. So sad but true LOL.

The first thing I want to do when I get into my room is, "TAKING A PICTURE" \m/ and "POSTED TO INSTAGRAM". I am no longer in the room because we've to find cellular card in orchard street. It cost IDR 600.000 for BBM 4 days and pulse :(

After that I see the old man, not the old man in the hotel before. I don't know what he do at that time but so many people get to see him nearly. He only swing around the necklaces and never stop. What make me wonder is, How can he do like that and still smile? 

Now, we're in Singapore Flyer. There is so many games and shop we've to see. 
I like the Dr. Fish ones :) It cost $30 but trust me it very comfy and fun.

The next destination is Universal Studios Singapore \m/ Yeay! 

For Outfit Of The Day [OOTD] We are wearing top chiffon from Body & Soul. I was wearing a creamy browny colour and my sister wearing a different colour from me which is the pink ones. You know it is very tired when we have to walk for a day so we are wearing a flat shoes almost the same colour. Look at the photo below, The girl who is wearing a flat shoes with ribbon onto is me from Pretty Fit. The other ones is my sister, that shoes from Charles & Keith.

We're enjoying so many theatres, games, shop, food stand, and many more. We play transformer 4D, mummy, roller coaster and bla bla bla bla......
This is when we're queueing Shrek Movie. 
Everything is begin with 4D.

Along the way we can meet up and take a photo with the famous people. It's replica okay? My sister and I go taking picture with Kungfu Panda, Marylin Monroe, Fairy [in the peterpan story] and also Betty Boops girl in the picture below. It is really worth it with ticket entrance price. 

I love this part! I buy a sugar cotton. It is really - really 100% sugar cotton if you can feel the taste as good as sugar. 

The next story will be posted in the separated post.
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