Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit W34 by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 30, 2013
Hello pretty girls around-the-world! ^^ 
This is another Etude House review. I read every email I get and one of my readers requested me to review a compact powder since Etude House have so much compact powder to sell. I am not actually sure if this is exactly what you're looking for however and hopefully after this review, you'll find out if this compact is for you or not. :)

I bought this in SG on my holiday a loooongg time ago. I am already used this for 2 years and yeah really! I love it! @@ I used W24 Natural Beige usually, but I try the new colour. May it look best for me. It is the new darkest colour in SG. W34 Caramel Beige after W24 being the darkest colour. 

It comes in a sweet pearlescent pink compact fit for a princess. The incredibly soft powder puff has an adorably shiny-pink ribbon handle and the powder block itself is stamped with an Etude House logo. I recommend you take some time to admire the presentation before you use the product (Korean products do such a good job at this). Don’t forget to smell it! Yes! this powder actually has a very light and fresh fragrance!

 I was actually quite dubious about its "Extra Moisture Complex". Why? Because I'm really wondering how can a little-compact-powder work for moisture complex? After I used this powder, I touched the powder on my cheeks for checking the texture on my skin. I feel my skin can breathe after I used this. My skin totally didn't became dry skin after I used this. FYI, It will be more oily after 3 hours. It doesn't turn into a cream or a liquid or anything. It's very much a powder. But somehow the fine-ness of it is easily able to adhere to your skin and with your skin's natural oil production helps to give a satin-y dewy finish despite it being a powder. So don't worry girls, your makeup is still set but you still have that nice natural dewy finish. :)

I do not recommended people who have an oily-skin or combination-skin use this series or people who looking for matte skin everyday. I am not really recommended this. Why? As I said before it has nice natural dewy finish. It makes your skin looks more brighter and glowy even you didn't put some BB cream there.

For the very first time application it makes a matte-look until several hours and then it became natural-dewy finish. It turns to be oily. However I love this compact powder. 
2 komentar on "Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit W34 by Etude House [REVIEW]"
  1. wah jadi pingin nyoba xD bedak tapi bkin dewy yah xD

  2. Ada gliter2 nya gt ga sih? Ato matte aja? Sama innisfree yg mineral uv whitening pack nge covernya bgs mana? Perna coba ato ada info ga? Thx


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