Moistfull Collagen Series by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 18, 2013
Hello pretty ladies around the world! 
I posted a bit less frequently these days (every 5-10 days) because I have some holiday and homework *deadline* aarggh , so really busy these days. *_*

Today I'm going to review the Etude House Moistfull Cream and Essence! I didn't bought this so I don't know the price is but I think for the special set like this it would be so much cheaper than the full size. I got this stuff as reward of Etude House Event Beauty Model Make Over 2 months ago. 

This is the first essence. The texture is watery and slimy, gel-look-alike. It's easy to blend and it definitely easy gets absorbed, as I can feel it getting less watery on my skin, but it leaves behind a film of stickiness, and that takes a while to get absorbed. I usually need to wait around 10 minutes for this to dry first before applying the moisturizer. It didn't make my skin oily after I used.

*Let's Move to the Cream*


I love the texture of this cream! It's not too creamy and oily and it's not too watery either. I feel like it has the perfect consistency, moisturizing but not too oily either. This cream glides on to my skin so well and it leaves a silky smooth feeling after too. When I use both the essence and cream together, however, it still becomes not sticky. 

Etude House Moistfull Collagen have a complete cream. They add enriched cream into Moistfull Collagen series. 

The smell I absolutely love. I look forward to the scent when I apply it.

This is just a one-time use special set so I did not expect any changes to the firming of my skin or the fine lines on my forehead. However, I was trying to see if this cream was compatible for my oily/combination skin. It's not a very rich cream, so it glides on my face easily and it doesn't feel like I'm suffocating my pores. It doesn't leave my face sticky either and it felt pretty comfortable having this cream on my face. It won't clog your pores! *Love*

What I Love:
+I love the scent of the essence
+Not oily 
+Really moist 
+Light, not sticky
+Suitable for dry skin

What I didn't Like:
-Small size for a special set
1 komentar on "Moistfull Collagen Series by Etude House [REVIEW]"
  1. Hi elin,

    Aku lagi pake creamnya nih, n lagi menunggu hasilnya. So far sih oke yaa.

    Btw I've follow your blog dear^^


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