Lavender Body Mist By Bali Ratih [REVIEW]

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Agustus 30, 2013
"Oh God I'm so tired with my love life, Since I got some problem with my boyfriend, I don't really focus on my school session." -____- #Horrible 

Forget it forget it forget it, Let's start!
Today I will review body mist. My schools friend become reseller of Bali Ratih product, and I really think so. She selling so many product of Bali Ratih such as body scrub, body mist, body lotion and body butter if I could remember well. I just buy Lavender Body Mist because I see so many my school friends buy the lavender ones. It has so many scent if you could know, Milk, Avocado, Lavender, Chammomile and bla bla bla. I can't remember one by one because it's too much. In another case, I want to trying Indonesian product again since that terrible mask. =="

I didn't believe this body mist at first because it is in cheap range. It is about 28k but I think it is really worth it for 60ml body mist. The packaging was so simple as you see on the picture above, it made from plastic. I'm wondering why there is so much Japanese text in the bottle. It is made in Indonesia, right? Isn't it? That should be Indonesian and if you want bilingual you can use English text. Oh maybe the bottle designer love Japanese culture too! LOL I'm kidding. 

This is the back of the bottle, There is so much Japanese text in there as I said before. I'm kinda love the lavender scent but I really can't get it from this body mist product. If I spray once it has soft smell and totally fresh, but if I open the bottle, I feel so much alcohol in there. I think it contains so much alcohol.  But IT'S OKAY. This is better than another body mist out there. Why? Because body mist out there contains alcohol more than this. Unfortunately, this body mist doesn't stay for a long time, spray and gone, spray and gone, spray and totally gone. Maybe some outdoor activist will be hate this product because it can't be long-lasting. Overall I'm still use Petit Bijou from Etude House. I just a little bit scared about what will happens in years later if I used alcohol to my skin? I used this body mist for my foot after school for keeping my foot away from bad smell in case it will not be my useless beauty product. :( 
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