Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Agustus 21, 2013

So now that I'm obsessed with the whole Gradient Nail manicure I figured I would try out this set from Etude House.  Now honestly one does not need a set to go a gradient manicure. Any two, three or more colors will do.  I bought the gradation series in the Beauty Carnaval 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure that I can do manicure as good as beauty nail art does.

The picture above is the result. Oh yeah, maybe I forget to introduce you what the series number, this is Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #2 from Etude House. There were 3 steps to do from base-middle-top so please make sure you have an enough time to do the complete steps.

There is 3 type of nail colour as you read from the top post. 
[Left] #1 Base : Soft Pink
#2 Middle : Lovely Pink
#3 Top : Kiss Kiss Pink

What am I supposed to do?

[Base:Soft Pink]
1. Apply #1 to nails covering entire nails surface.

[Middle:Lovely Pink]
2. Allow nails to partly dry then apply #2 to nails from the mid nail line to the tip.

[Top:Kiss Kiss Pink]
3. Allow coats #1 and #2 to partly dry then apply #3 just along the nail tips.

[Without Flash]
This is what I've done by myself! ^^ How cute it is.
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