Crystalish Gloss by T'ESTIMO [REVIEW]

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Agustus 19, 2013
Konnichiwa! ^^ Here are one of Japanese Cosmetic I got. T'ESTIMO Lip Gloss. I got this as birthday gift from someone-who-really-special. So here we go!
T'ESTIMO is under Kanebo Japanese Beauty Brands.

The lip gloss come with transparant-mini box :) 

Let’s take a look!
This is probably one of the gentlest plumping formulas I’ve tried. It has a no sense of taste and lacks that tingle or full on sting that many lipgloss plumping formulas are associated with. The smooth formula applies a little thick at first but after a single application the moisture and shine of the gloss seems to triple. It’s the oddest experience…! At first I felt like the gloss had a so so texture with a thick and wet feel but as it warms up it seems to go glossier, shinier, and feels like it expands around my lip area. And yeah, in case the name is crystallise gloss, it didn't give my lips colour. It didn't change my lips into another colour! 

So, this is only give me a glossy-look and shiny, I can feel it moist my lips.  Look at my lips on the picture above. It didn't change anything except the gloss level right? 

It really pretty when I wear together. ><
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