Oh~ M'Eye Line by Etude House [REVIEW]

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Mei 17, 2013
Thanks God It's Friday! 
Meskipun harus menjalani ujian aku tetap melanjutkan hobby-ku yaitu review beauty product. Produk yang akan aku review adalah eyeliner dari Etude House. Eyeliner dari Etude House ini merupakan daily routine eyelinerku. :)

This eyeliner didn’t come with a box, and it’s pretty much the cheapest liner Etude House sells, at about 4,000 Won ish or even less. There was absolutely nothing written on the bottle so I don’t know the properties of the eyeliner, but once the eyeliner dried, I used my finger and rubbed along the liner – nothing came off! It didn’t smudge – absolutely nothing ended up on my finger, so I was really surprised. I didn’t use a primer, so I’m quite impressed. Actually this liquid eyeliner have 2 varian colour which is black and dark brown. 


What I Love:
It doesn't smudge
Dry so fast.
Long-lasting up to 10 hours.
The colour was so black.

What I didn't like:
It was not a waterproof eyeliner.

That’s it for the review as it is for now. If you have any questions on the product or have questions on what I used, leave me a comment and I’ll try my best to answer. For now, I’ll be happily waiting for my third bottle to arrive (probably sometime next week *sigh*) and writing more Etude House reviews.
Until next blog!

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