Belle Dress Lovely Look Body Lotion By Etude House [REVIEW]

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Mei 23, 2013
Hello pretty ladies! Give me a smile? :)

How's your day? I bet you wished you're safe home, enjoying the warm and comfort bed with your oppa right? Thankfully I brought Belle Dress Lovely Look Body Lotion. I believe that scents make a difference on one's stance. I'm gonna review this body lotion from Etude House. This body lotion didn't came with box. I'm starting use this since 2011.

Belle Dress is a complete body care layering line that includes body wash, body lotion and shower cologne. It has two scents, the purple collection which is more on the fruity side while pink collection is more on the floral facet.

This is the old packaging of Lovely Look Body Lotion. Dress Room as its name on the bottle. Now its changed to be "Belle Dress Lovely look Body Lotion"

You may take a several pump for your body.

I'm using this after the shower, wipe off the moisture and take appropriate volume to tenderly apply as if massaging entire body. 

What I Love:
The smells was so fruity and strong.
Texture is good.
Long lasting up to 8 hours.

What I didn't like:
Sticky after 5 - 10 minutes using this.
The packaging is a pump bottle type, so I couldn't take this body lotion everywhere I wanna go.

Without doubt, this body lotion I recommended to you ladies. 
See you until next blog! *kiss*

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