Natur-E Daily Nourishing Lotion [REVIEW]

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Maret 31, 2013
Natur-E Daily Nourishing Lotion is the product made from my country, Indonesia.
I'm gonna review this hand & body lotion. It's contains a lot vitamin E beads.

Natur-E Daily Nourishing Lotion contains:
1. Vit-E beads. It will give moistourizer all day long with a good nutrition for your health skin.
2. Pomegranate Seed Oil. This oil for increase your skin elasticity and mildness skin.
3. Sun Protection for protect your skin from bad effect caused by sun UV A + UV B.
4. Nature Formula product in modern technology for your safe daily skin care.

What I Love:
1. The texture was smooth and not sticky to my skin.
2. My skin be healthier than before and having sun protection which protect my skin all day long. 
2. The Vit-E Beads. I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH!

What I didn't like:
1. None.

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